Restaurant consultant, foodservice consultant, merchandising consultant and retail consultant

Diane has been credited as the founder of the visual restaurant and foodservice merchandising industry in Canada and the U.S.

Diane Chiasson, FCSI, is President of Chiasson Consultants Inc., which provides consulting services to restaurant, foodservice, hospitality, retail and educational companies and industry suppliers across Canada and the U.S. For over 30 years, she has worked with a wide range of companies, from fast food to fine dining operations, from single unit and start-up operations, to national and international chains.

Diane has extensive merchandising and management experience, and is recognized as the industry leader in providing innovative and creative restaurant, foodservice and retail merchandising concepts. She also provides interior design and marketing concepts.

Her clients include:

  • Restaurant chains
  • Independent restaurants
  • Hotel chains
  • Colleges and universities
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Hospitals
  • Coffee bars
  • Corporate cafeterias
  • Airports and motorways
  • Food courts
  • Clubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Product manufacturers
  • Specialty food stores
  • Flower shops
  • Gift stores

Philosophy and approach

Every client is unique and each project begins with a personal consultation with Diane. She knows what makes customers buy and how to keep them coming back. To every project she brings her broad expertise, extensive educational background, strong organizational skills, vast experience, infectious enthusiasm and passion for excellence. One of Diane’s unique qualities is her ability to see the big picture and balance each element of the project so it contributes to the whole. Diane’s innovative and creative approach to each project has helped every one of her clients to increase revenue, improve staff efficiency, and boost staff morale.

A high achiever, Diane is passionate about learning and she is dedicated to excellence. To say the least, Diane takes her role as a consultant very seriously. She is known for her consulting style of ‘telling it like it is’, delivered with her unique sense of humour. Often her clients are stunned by her blunt, honest and straightforward approach and even more awestruck when they see the success that follows.

Diane is incredibly proactive and will push her clients to achieve more than they had ever imaged. Diane brings her ‘tough love’ approach to all her clients, whether it’s coaching, seminars, a consultation over the telephone or a full consulting job, Diane will find a flexible and profitable way to help your business.

Integrity and confidentiality – guaranteed

In the restaurant, foodservice and retail industry, trade secrets are a huge part of success. Diane knows this, and is committed to confidentiality at all stages of her work with you. Your business records and information are held in the strictest confidence, particularly proprietary information obtained while working with you.

Whether you need assistance on starting a restaurant business, guidance through every step of a new retail business, or simply advice on creating, launching or marketing a new product, Diane Chiasson is ready to help you. She guarantees each and every client a considerable return on investment. The results speak for themselves.


A native of French Montreal, Diane has lived and worked in Paris – the birthplace of modern cuisine – and is fluent in French and English. She has an extensive educational background in interior design, haute cuisine, the art and science of merchandising, travel and tourism, sales promotion, and marketing. Diane has received certificates from Ryerson University, George Brown College and Ontario College of Art and Design. Diane has also studied at Cornell University in New York, earning certificates in various foodservice and retail merchandising programs. Her thorough approach to establishing and improving businesses has made her one of the most sought-after foodservice and retail consultants in her field.

To keep ahead of the competition, Diane visits, studies and analyses hundreds of new restaurants and retail operations every year. She also manages a library documenting thousands of innovative foodservice and retail operations around the world. She travels and works abroad extensively, attending seminars and workshops, conferences and trade shows, which enables her to track the latest foodservice and retail trends. She is a professional member of one of the most respected foodservice associations, Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) and is an active member of several other industry associations.

Consulting and other activities

An accomplished consultant and writer, Diane's vast expertise is widely sought in restaurant, foodservice and retail industries. She has written and designed several training courses and manuals that teach restaurant, foodservice and retail operators how to integrate creative and effective merchandising and marketing concepts and solutions into their operations.

Diane is an internationally-recognized speaker, and is regularly asked to speak at conferences to thousands of restaurant and store owners, corporate employees and industry association members, trade association shows and meetings, franchise conferences, and product manufacturers and suppliers events.

She has successfully developed and presented interactive “walking tour” presentations to restaurant, foodservice and retail companies, associations, product manufacturers and suppliers across North America.

Diane has also served on a number of industry advisory boards and she contributes articles to a variety of trade publications. In addition, Diane has cultivated strong links with nutritionists, certified chefs, designers, architects and engineers, and food and equipment manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.

A proven track record

Chiasson Consultants has worked with many national and international companies throughout Canada and the USA, take a look at our List of Clients.

Education, experience and qualifications

Interior Design and Visual Merchandising

Interior Design Ryerson University
Visual Merchandising Workshop New York Gift Show Association
Colour Practice and Theory Ritins Studio
Faux Effects Designer Class Toronto Decorative Painting School
Decorative Painting and Old
   World Faux Finishing Techniques
Ritins Studio
Painting Techniques & Colour
Ontario College of Art and Design
Toronto School of Art


Haute Cuisine George Brown College
Asian Cooking George Brown College
Indian Cooking Healthy Gourmet Indian Cooking School
Natural Nutition Marie-Jeanne Martin, Nutritionist

Restaurant, Foodservice and Retail Merchandising and Management

Service Departments: Management
   and Operations
Cornell University
Service Deli Management
   and Operations
Cornell University
Home Meal Solutions Program Food Marketing Institute
Food Merchandising
   and Service Program
Zingerman Training Inc.
Food Styling Food Stylist Association
Canadian Food Labelling Workshop University of Guelph
Friedman Retail Management Course The Friedman Group
Gift Basket Packaging and Selling Nowco International Inc.
Christmas, Wedding and Retail
   Flower Workshops
Silk Plus Floral
Chocolate and Candy Packaging
   and Window Display
Ecole de formation, France
Store Design and Visual Merchandising GMG Design, New York

Sales, Promotion and Marketing

Sales Promotion and Marketing Ryerson University
Shopping Centre - Marketing Course International Council of Shopping Centres
Sales Course School for Promotional Marketing
Practical Selling Course Advertising and Sales Club of Toronto
Service Excellence Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC)


Journalism Ryerson University
Travel and Tourism Ryerson University