DianeChiassonAboutUsPhoto_small.png Diane Chiasson, FCSI

The founder of Chiasson Consultants Inc., Diane is a world-renowned expert and is recognized as the industry leader in providing profitable, creative restaurant, foodservice and retail consulting, merchandising, interior design and marketing concepts. She received her initial training in her family-owned restaurant and also gained invaluable experience owning and operating her own gift and fine gourmet food retail stores. Her thorough, practical approach to launching and enhancing business operations has made her one of the most sought after restaurant and retail consultants in her field.
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Roshaan Adil
Web an IT Solutions Manager

Roshaan Adil, a bachelors degree graduate of York University's Information Technology program, is a full stack web developer and an IT Solutions expert. He has gained many years of experience designing fully responsive websites, and developing front end and back end ecommerce and brochure websites. He also implements various SEO strategies to boost search engine rankings.
Arwynn Davey
Creative Business Director

With an eye on the latest trends and design concepts in the restaurant, retail, and educational industries, Arwynn Davey specializes in graphic design, and brings a distinctive style to her work. Her strong marketing skills help her envision and execute effective strategies for clients. Arwynn creates eye-catching advertising campaigns, marketing and promotional materials, and develops strong corporate identity and branding.
Michele Lee-Pollack
Marketing & Editorial Coordinator

A graduate of Ryerson's journalism program, Michele, an avid food and restaurant enthusiast, is responsible for writing sales and marketing materials, public relations, copywriting and editorial duties. The combination of excellent writing skills and knowledge about the restaurant and food industry makes Michele an invaluable member of the team.
Randall Brandford
Interior Designer and Visual Merchandising Designer

Randall Brandford brings his unique perspective to visual merchandising concepts and interior design in the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries.
His wide range of experience includes display and visual merchandising programs and other interior design concepts.
Yves Gauthier
Interior Designer and Visual Merchandising Designer

Yves Gauthier is an inspirational artist and interior designer in the foodservice and retail industries, specializing in interior design and visual merchandising.
He has worked on a wide range of interior design projects, with an emphasis on colour management, display and creative merchandising concepts.
Blaine Herrmann
Graphic and Packaging Designer

Blaine Herrmann brings many years of graphic design experience and specializes in designing corporate identity, promotional materials and packaging. His keen eye, ability to understand the unique image and needs of every client, combined with his positive attitude he is an essential part of our team.