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How would you like to learn the secrets of proper food merchandising and cross-merchandising techniques to increase your sales – right away?

Who better to teach you than restaurant expert Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants Inc.?

Diane invites you to spend a full day with her in this innovative and highly interactive workshop, where you will learn from the best Certified Merchandising Expert in North America. Diane will teach you the art of powerful food merchandising in an intimate and comfortable setting, right in her own professional kitchen facility. You will learn to apply practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement merchandising techniques on a small budget, as well as her secrets on the psychology of customer buying habits. This workshop is jam-packed with ideas, strategies, tips and business-building tools to start earning more money, right away!

Food merchandising is both an art and a science. It is everything that you see and experience when you walk up to, into and through an operation. Visual merchandising engages all the senses – hearing, sight, scent, touch and taste. A well- designed food merchandising program creates interest, increases impulse sales, generates extra profits and offers a unique experience for your customers. In the world of cuisine, presentation is just as important as flavour.

Diane covers key elements to perfect presentation such as colour, placement, variety, texture and other ways you can make your food look more appetizing and more interesting. Diane will cover a variety of foods and the unique challenges they present.

After this course, you will be amazed by the new ways you are able to attract customers. You will turn a passive shopper into an active buyer! You will learn how to use colours, texture, lighting, design, layout, product presentation, display and more to your advantage.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Analyze your store layout and improve traffic flow
  • Design unique and eye-catching food displays to boost impulse sales
  • Position products to increase take-out sales
  • Develop potential retail areas on a small budget
  • Use signage, point-of-sales materials and lighting effectively to increase visibility
  • Use your creativity to stimulate excitement for customers
  • Apply unique ideas, strategies and cutting-edge concepts for greater success
  • Merchandise and cross-merchandise, and use psychological triggers to double your sales immediately

By applying Diane’s innovative approach to food merchandising, you will see an increase in average checks AND guest satisfaction. Give your customers an “experience” they won’t forget!

Upon completion of our workshop you will receive a personalized certificate. You can use this certificate to further your expertise in your professional career, or use it in your portfolio or on your website.

Get even more from your learning experience with our Retail Study Tour!

Smart restaurant and retail operators watch the competition! One of the best ways to learn about your industry is to take a look around you. Add a Restaurant and Food Retail Study Tour to one of your workshop packages. Diane will guide you through Toronto’s most interesting independent restaurants, food markets, boutique hotels, supermarkets and fine gourmet food stores, as well as other unique and exclusive food and retail operations. In just a single day, you will gain useful knowledge from the latest restaurant and retail trends and concepts.

As a special offer, you can add this Retail Study Tour to your 2-day workshop for an additional price of $399/person, or add it to your 1-day workshop for an additional $499/person. The cost to attend the Retail Study Tour alone is $599/person. For more information, please visit our Restaurant and Food and Retail Study Tours page.

"You delivered an "untapped" wealth of knowledge and expertise, and our results demonstrate just that! "The Power of Merchandising" resulted in 42%-280% growth (for key merchandised food and retail products). Not only did your work deliver results, it made a significant improvement to the overall atmosphere of our restaurant.

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Manager of Product Development
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