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Book this workshop for your food service, restaurant and retail team today – Customization available!

This highly interactive and innovative workshop will greatly improve your skills in all aspects of promotion and marketing. Diane Chiasson, President of Chiasson Consultants Inc., will lead you through the key elements of a successful promotion such as strategy, implementation, and logistics.

Promotion and marketing are critically important to the success of your foodservice or retail operation. The products you are selling are not enough to stand out from the competition.

You will learn to identify your strengths and develop a strategy to capitalize on them. When you leave the workshop you will have a much stronger skill base, ideas and knowledge that will benefit you right away.


In this workshop you will learn how to:


  • Create profitable and low-cost marketing and promotional campaign
  • Use creative marketing ideas and tools to attract more customers and WOW your guests
  • Keep new customers coming through the doors every week of the year
  • Create an action-oriented marketing plan with solid goals and objectives
  • Create a successful annual marketing calendar that will help sustain and grow your business
  • Make your foodservice operation a fun and relevant place to visit
  • Understand your brand and competitive positioning
  • Increase customer loyalty, encourage repeat business and boost your sales immediately

This seminar provides you with intimate and interactive learning opportunities, new skills, and relevant industry specific tactics.

Upon completion of our workshop you will receive a personalized certificate. You can use this certificate to further your expertise in your professional career, or use it in your portfolio or on your website.

Get even more from your learning experience with our Retail Study Tour!

Smart restaurant and retail operators watch the competition! One of the best ways to learn about your industry is to take a look around you. Add a Restaurant and Food Retail Study Tour to one of your workshop packages. Diane will guide you through Toronto’s most interesting independent restaurants, food markets, boutique hotels, supermarkets and fine gourmet food stores, as well as other unique and exclusive food and retail operations. In just a single day, you will gain useful knowledge from the latest restaurant and retail trends and concepts.

As a special offer, you can add this Retail Study Tour to your 2-day workshop for an additional price of $399/person, or add it to your 1-day workshop for an additional $499/person. The cost to attend the Retail Study Tour alone is $599/person. For more information, please visit our Restaurant and Food and Retail Study Tours page.

"We have been extremely happy with the merchandising training program that you developed for our entire chain of hotels. I am looking forward to working with you on our on-site training program."


Serge Simard
Executive Director, Food & Beverage
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts