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Designed to meet your company’s specific needs

Do you like to deal with company-specific issues and have a workshop tailored specifically to meet those needs? Would you like to efficiently train many members of your team at the same time with the exact information you would like them to learn? If you would like a workshop that is able to achieve all of that and more, than one of our private and customizable workshops is an excellent option.

If you don’t want to travel to Toronto, Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants Inc. is going to personally come to your location of choice to maximize convenience!

Diane is an excellent instructor, and she lays out information in accessible way that closes the gap between learning new information and actually putting it into practice. Each workshop is designed to meet every client’s specific needs. Your team will leave with confidence and enthusiasm to take on new challenges and prepare for the future.

Upon completion of our workshop all attendees will receive a personalized certificate for their work. Chiasson Consultants will tailor the certificate for each customized workshop.

Diane will engage your entire group in thought-provoking ideas and provide beneficial learning materials. Diane’s top concern is that you get the most out of the learning process, and she will custom design a seminar or workshop for your business within your desired timeframe, as well as necessary workbooks and manual.

The lengths of these workshops are flexible and can range from a half-day to a few days, and can be provided at the location of your choice, or at Chiasson Consultant’s state-of-the-art facilities in Toronto.

Get even more from your learning experience!

If you choose to have your workshop in Toronto, as an optional 3rd day after your workshop, you can participate in one of our renowned Foodservice and Retail Study Tours to get the most out of Toronto. Diane will guide you through Toronto’s best and most exciting examples of the newest, interesting and award-winning restaurant, foodservice and retail operations.

As a special offer, you can add this 3rd day to your course for an additional price of $400/person (the regular price is $550/person), which is offered exclusively to attendees of our 2-day workshop. People are welcome to attend only the 3rd day of the program for the Foodservice and Retail Study Tour, however, the full fee of $550/person will be charged. For more information, please visit our Foodservice and Retail Study Tours.

Each field tour will take you inside new and interesting independent restaurants; food markets; boutique hotels; supermarkets; fine gourmet food stores, as well as other unique and exclusive food and retail operations. Click Here!

Speaking and Presentations

If you don’t want to create a completely separate workshop and you’re looking for a way to incorporate fun and learning into your next meeting or conference, we can help you! Diane Chiasson is an experienced and engaging public speaker. Diane is great at working within an event to come up with an interesting and personalized session that will invigorate your audience. To find out more about hiring Diane as a speaker at your next event, Click Here!

"You delivered an "untapped" wealth of knowledge and expertise, and our results demonstrate just that! "The Power of Merchandising" resulted in 42%-280% growth (for key merchandised food and retail products). Not only did your work deliver results, it made a significant improvement to the overall atmosphere of our restaurant."

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Manager of Product Development
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