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What Our
Clients Say...

“You have done a fantastic job for us. I believe the great merchandising work you have done for us is one of the key foundations to improve the company and differentiate who we are versus our competition.”

Rick Martens
Country Style Foodservices Inc.
Toronto, ON


“Our daily sales have increased 15% in the first month and it seems to still be on the rise. It is apparent we have gained many new customers.”

Barbara Lorsch, RD, LD
Director Food and
Nutrition Services
Advocate Illinois
Masonic Medical Center
Chicago, IL


“We have been extremely happy with the merchandising training program that you developed for our entire chain of hotels. I am looking forward to working with you on our on-site training program.”

Serge Simard
Executive Director, Food & Beverage
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Toronto, ON

“I really enjoyed your innovative “walking tour presentation” that you gave at our Annual Conference in Montreal. Your “fresh-eye approach” was quite refreshing.”

Marie Helene Sicard
Director of Marketing
Sodexho Canada
Montreal, QC

Turn your retail food operation into a "must-see" destination

alt Chiasson Consultants Inc. works with a wide variety of retail food operations including supermarkets, grocery stores, bakery and pastry shops, gourmet food stores, delis, gas bars, airports and motorways, and convenience stores.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the restaurant, foodservice, hospitality and retail industries, we help businesses increase revenue, maximize profitability, expand their customer base and improve customer loyalty.

We offer unique and personalized services that are thoroughly researched and customized to meet your particular needs, objectives and budget. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President, will personally handle your project to ensure that everything is on track, and that you are completely satisfied. Client satisfaction is one of Diane's top goals, and the commitment of each member of her company.

Chiasson Consultants Inc. offers a wide range of services to assist you in achieving your goals. Check out our List of Consulting Services to see how we can help you.

Diane Chiasson is also available for Assessment Programs, Training, Coaching, Speaking and Telephone Consultations.

We will help you launch exciting new and profitable programs

We were contracted to spearhead Marché Mövenpick’s worldwide retail operations. The launch of the retail, brand name and catalogue programs were a great success at the Marché Mövenpick locations at the BCE Place in Toronto, the popular Place Ville Marie Shopping Centre in Montreal, the Prudential Center in Boston, and the Marchélinos locations.

We increased Marché’s retail sales by over $1 million annually

Our work at Mövenpick included acquiring one-of-a-kind retail products from all over the world and designing a Mövenpick private label program for all of their products. This really emphasized the originality of the store. We also developed several profitable retail concepts within their operation. For instance, we created a fresh fruit juice bar concept for Mövenpick. The sales for this alone, records over $1 million annually.

From new concepts to revamping and revitalizing

We will design or retrofit you operation or simply fine-tune your existing operation. We will develop proven methods to ensure that your foodservice concepts will boost your sales instantly. We will ensure that your business stands out against the competition.

HMSHost Corporation:

We helped HMSHost Corporation develop a new concept called the Kensington Market at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The company wanted to create an open market concept, and our company sourced new lines of profitable food and retail products, as well as unique and affordable display products. We recommended creating a line of private-label candies, snacks and confectionary. We set up eye-catching beverage, food and candy displays to increase sales, and generated more impulse buys with merchandising and cross-merchandising strategies. Results included 15 percent immediate increase in sales, 300 percent increase in alcoholic beverages and 50 percent increase in sales of sandwiches.


Highland Farms:

We have reviewed the interior design and worked on the development of a foodservice and retail merchandising program, and the development of the chocolate/coffee/gift basket area, initially for the Mississauga store and then with the new Woodbridge store.


Freson Markets:

Chiasson Consultants Inc. created a visual merchandising program and implemented it initially to a test location in Peace River FresonMarkets.png Alberta then rolled

out the program to the other Freson Market stores. From concept development and design, to product sourcing and management, we implemented and created the entire project.

So what does this mean for your company? Chiasson Consultants Inc. will apply the culmination of success we have achieved in previous years to your operation. Our success depends on your success. We have a comprehensive resource centre containing a wealth of information on merchandising, display, signage, menu and recipe development, packaging
and more. We are always in search of new trends
in the industry, while sharing what we know works.

Did you know that merchandising is both an art and a science?

Visual merchandising is everything that you see and experience when you walk up to, into and through an operation. Visual merchandising engages all the senses – hearing, sight, scent, touch and taste. The more senses you engage, the more people respond to your operation, stay longer and buy more.

Visual merchandising is the art of presenting your products in a way that convinces customers to buy what you have to offer.


The science behind visual merchandising refers to many factors such as consumer behaviour, the effect of colours and textures, demographics, packaging, product value and overall ambience.

For Diane Chiasson, the art and science merge in exciting and groundbreaking ways. Chiasson Consultants will help your organization to capitalize on these factors. A well-designed visual merchandising program creates interest, increases impulse sales, and offers a unique experience for buyers. Store experience has become an essential companion to the product you are selling. If you give your customers a full-store experience, you’re guaranteed to increase your business and encourage them to come back again and again. Our strong foundation in these areas coupled with Diane’s impeccable creative flair and imaginative approach make working with our company the right choice.

We will make your operation more competitive

Staying ahead of your competition is crucial, the idea is to keep ahead of your competitors by knowing what they are doing now and the direction they are planning for the future. We will help you be prepared, we will guide you to think about new product lines, and new ways to merchandise and promote your products. How you can expand your market share in your area and attract new customers? It’s our job to stay informed - in the foodservice and hospitality industry, we detect early trends in the marketplace that you can use to get ahead!

How would you like to cut costs and improve profit?

Unnecessarily high operation costs are a drain on your profits! We will evaluate your operation and find new ways of cutting operational costs to put more money in your pocket. We focus on improving the structure of your organization and ways to increase your level of customer service. What can you sell that you’re not selling now? How can you package what you are selling in order to sell more of it? What is the right mix between service and self-service? We will bring an insightful objective perspective to you operation, and share important tricks of the trade.

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What Our
Clients Say...

“Your organizational skills and attention to detail contributed greatly to our financial and operational success. Your dedicated work paid off right away; sales have exceeded our expectations.”

Clifford P. Miller
Vice President of Communications
Eat’n Park
Hospitality Group
Pittsburg, PA

“I have been very happy with your talents. You always bring a new perspective to our business.”

Nick Perpick
Executive Vice-President
Prime Restaurant Group
Toronto, ON

“We were very happy with the Soup University Manual you designed for our company; it’s amazing the great ideas you provided for our sales representatives across Canada.”

Dale Clemiss
Director of Business Development
Campbell’s Foodservice
Toronto, ON

“I have been quite impressed with your knowledge of the art and science of food merchandising, and I cannot thank you enough for your employee training program.”

Timothy Dietzler, FMP
Villanova University
Villanova, PA