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Chiasson Consultants Inc. is a Canadian consultancy firm that specializes in helping clients like independent and franchise restaurant and retail operations, bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, education facilities, hospitals, grocery stores, supermarkets, corporate foodservice, foodservice management, shopping centres, gas bars, theme parks, food commissaries and casinos build brand identity and customer loyalty, increase profits and sales, and achieve greater success.

For more than 30 years, Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants, has been working with North America’s leading restaurant, foodservice, hospitality and retail owners and operators to deliver truly unique dining and shopping experiences for all their customers. Diane Chiasson is recognized as the industry leader in providing innovative and creative foodservice and retail merchandising concepts.

Diane Chiasson is available for interviews on a wide variety of topics including restaurant, foodservice, hospitality and retail merchandising, marketing, branding, advertising, menu engineering, interior design and decor, POS materials, signage, lighting, customer service, plate presentation, sourcing, and much more.

Diane Chiasson has published hundreds of
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