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What Our
Clients Say...

“You have done a fantastic job for us. I believe the great merchandising work you have done for us is one of the key foundations to improve the company and differentiate who we are versus our competition.”

Rick Martens
Country Style Foodservices Inc.
Toronto, ON


“Our daily sales have increased 15% in the first month and it seems to still be on the rise. It is apparent we have gained many new customers.”

Barbara Lorsch, RD, LD
Director Food and
Nutrition Services
Advocate Illinois
Masonic Medical Center
Chicago, IL


“We have been extremely happy with the merchandising training program that you developed for our entire chain of hotels. I am looking forward to working with you on our on-site training program.”

Serge Simard
Executive Director, Food & Beverage
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Toronto, ON

“I really enjoyed your innovative “walking tour presentation” that you gave at our Annual Conference in Montreal. Your “fresh-eye approach” was quite refreshing.”

Marie Helene Sicard
Director of Marketing
Sodexho Canada
Montreal, QC

Foodservice Consultant

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Who should attend:


  • Restaurant operators
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospital gift shops
  • Tea and coffee shops
  • Gourmet shops
  • Gift shops
  • Wineries
  • Chocolate and candy stores
  • Retailers and vendors
  • Bakeries

In this all-inclusive hands-on workshop, Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants, will share her secret techniques on creating profitable and marketable gift baskets that will help your restaurant, foodservice or retail operation earn more money and gain more business. Diane has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and retail industry. She has designed, developed and sold thousands of gift baskets for all types of holidays and special occasions. She has also worked with several major brands to design and develop gift basket programs.

Become a Certified Professional Gift Basket Designer - PGBD

Get the PGBD accreditation. The Professional Gift Basket Designer (PGBD) certificate has been developed to meet the high business standards found in specialty gift stores, and in novelty/souvenir stores. You will be able to display with pride your Professional Gift Basket Designer certificate wherever your work. It will not only give you a sense of achievement and confidence but it will also give you a competitive advantage when marketing your services. Diane will show you how to create, design and assemble money-making gift baskets for your new gift basket business or for your existing gift basket operation. She will also tell you the best places to acquire wholesale supplies no matter where you are. She will also teach you how to market and sell your gift baskets.

Gift Basket Certificate Diane will show you the necessary steps to selecting profitable retail products and how to find the right promotional items for your operation, help you with critical issues such as how to get quality merchandise that best represents your brand, as well as which products will grab the most attention from your customers.

She will show you how to tackle these issues yourself without the assistance of outside promotional companies, and how to decide the right theme for your company.

Using a wide variety of Diane’s own food and non-food products, you will have the opportunity to learn and assemble your own gift baskets, and receive guidance and assistance from Diane, as well as an in-depth critique of your sample basket.

In this workshop you will learn how to:


  • Choose a store or a name for your gift basket operation, and find your niche
  • Understand all the gift basket styles, themes, and occasions
  • Create high-perceived value gift baskets made with low-cost items
  • Identify the best targets to sell your gift baskets
  • Create a viable gift basket calendar for every holiday and occasion
  • Promote your baskets, with focus on the holiday seasons and special events
  • Choose the perfect container, gift-wrap, ribbons, cards, etc.
  • Source proper equipment, and adequate supplies
  • Source the right products to put in each gift basket for each occasion
  • Secure all the products in place for maximum visual appeal
  • Select and build themes and add enhancements
  • Enhance designs on a shoe-string budget
  • Wrap your baskets properly, and make “WOW”-inducing bows and tags
  • Design and package your baskets creatively with lots of eye-appeal
  • Write a business plan, choose the right name, and get the right location
  • Determine how much inventory to purchase
  • Set proper gift basket prices to maximize your profits
  • Market your baskets to different corporations, communities, charity events, etc.
  • Merchandise and display your gift baskets with excitement
  • Beat the competition with the latest design, colour and style trends

Upon completion of our workshop you will receive a personalized certificate. You can use this certificate to further your expertise in your professional career, or use it in your portfolio or on your website.

Get even more from your learning experience with our Retail Study Tour!

Smart restaurant and retail operators watch the competition! One of the best ways to learn about your industry is to take a look around you. Add a Restaurant and Food Retail Study Tour to one of your workshop packages. Diane will guide you through Toronto’s most interesting independent restaurants, food markets, boutique hotels, supermarkets and fine gourmet food stores, as well as other unique and exclusive food and retail operations. In just a single day, you will gain useful knowledge from the latest restaurant and retail trends and concepts.

As a special offer, you can add this Retail Study Tour to your 2-day workshop for an additional price of $399/person, or add it to your 1-day workshop for an additional $499/person. The cost to attend the Retail Study Tour alone is $599/person. For more information, please visit our Restaurant and Food and Retail Study Tours page.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the fantastic food and customer service program you have introduced at Halton Healthcare Services, Oakville site."

Julie Davis
Food Services Department Head
Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
Gift basket workshop

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What Our
Clients Say...

“Your organizational skills and attention to detail contributed greatly to our financial and operational success. Your dedicated work paid off right away; sales have exceeded our expectations.”

Clifford P. Miller
Vice President of Communications
Eat’n Park
Hospitality Group
Pittsburg, PA

“I have been very happy with your talents. You always bring a new perspective to our business.”

Nick Perpick
Executive Vice-President
Prime Restaurant Group
Toronto, ON

“We were very happy with the Soup University Manual you designed for our company; it’s amazing the great ideas you provided for our sales representatives across Canada.”

Dale Clemiss
Director of Business Development
Campbell’s Foodservice
Toronto, ON

“I have been quite impressed with your knowledge of the art and science of food merchandising, and I cannot thank you enough for your employee training program.”

Timothy Dietzler, FMP
Villanova University
Villanova, PA