We offer a wide range of consulting services for restaurant, foodservice, hospitality and retail operations

Chiasson Consultants Inc. is a consultancy firm that specializes in helping clients like independent and franchise restaurant restaurant and retail operations, bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, education facilities, hospitals, grocery stores, supermarkets, corporate foodservice, foodservice management, shopping centres, gas bars, theme parks, food commissaries, and casinos build brand identity and customer loyalty, increase profits and sales, and achieve greater success.

Our company offers a wide array of services to help your restaurant foodservice, hospitality or retail operation. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President, is also available for Assessment Programs, Training, Coaching, Speaking and Telephone Consultations.

Restaurant and Retail Assessment

Chiasson Consultants reviews your current and planned design, layout and merchandising program. We then meet with your team to discuss the future needs and plans of your operation. We complete a thorough assessment, and suggest to improve. We identify the operation's internal resources and make recommendations on how to reduce costs and improve operation efficiency. We then identify business growth issues which could include renovating or opening new operations, and provide the concept and design development ideas to satisfy those needs.

We also discuss the logistics of merchandising and presentation, eye-catching displays and layouts, cross-merchandising, psychological reactions to colour and texture, point-of-sales material and signage, as well as lighting. This interactive assessment is available as a customized full-day program or a half-day program.

Restaurant and Retail Brand Identity

Chiasson Consultants creates and implements comprehensive, fully integrated brand-name identity programs that maximize revenue potential. The objectives are to increase revenue, build customer loyalty and develop a strong in-home brand presence by designing and executing a private label branding and sales program for your operation.

Restaurant and Retail Concept Development


Chiasson Consultants in conjunction with your team checks your projects in developing a strong concept and an appropriate design direction for your foodservice or retail operation. This involves touring the facilities, discussing design options, expansion of product line, brainstorming sessions, as well as formalizing a general project plan. Our goal is to match our services to meet your needs, within your pre-established budget.

Restaurant and Retail Customer Service Training

A well-designed customer service and loyalty marketing program provides a distinct advantage over the competition, while allowing you to establish a reputation for customer service and attention to detail. Ultimately, by catering to your established customer base, you substantially increase your bottom line.

A customer service and loyalty marketing program is not a one-shot deal, but should be an ongoing commitment by your organization. Highly successful operators view customer loyalty as an integral part of their operation. Chiasson Consultants adds a customer service and loyalty marketing which integrates all aspects of your organization including operations, training and future development.

Restaurant and Retail Interior Design

When looking to refresh or create a new interior for your operation, Chiasson Consultants works with your team to create an inviting design and layout for all your retail and foodservice areas. We suggest related to smallwares, furniture, lighting, equipment and display options, as well as merchandising and layout recommendations. Creating an appealing foodservice and retail environment causes your operation to be more attractive to your customers, and encourage them to stay longer.

Restaurant and Retail Marketing

Restaurant and Retail Promotions

Restaurant and Retail Public Relations

Chiasson Consultants designs programs to train your executives to become a highly efficient marketers for all your foodservice operations as well as for your entire operation. The key to profitability in today's highly competitive marketplace lies in a strong promotion, public relations and marketing campaign. A high profile with both the public and the press lead to increased traffic and higher revenues. Therefore, a well-developed promotion, public relations and marketing plan must be a goal for all your operations.

A well-designed promotion, public relations and marketing strategy provides your operations with a distinct advantage over the competition, especially if innovative solutions are applied to getting your word in the marketplace. As you know, operators frequently neglect the many unique and cost-effective methods to market their operations; meanwhile, a creative approach to promotion and marketing substantially increases your bottom line.

Restaurant Menu Design & Copywriting

Restaurant Menu Engineering

Mouthwatering descriptions for menu items are a must in today's marketplace. Chiasson Consultants provides menu-writing services that make your menu an effective sales tool. The design of the menu is just as important as the descriptions and Chiasson Consultants uses effective placement, colour and style to make high profit items sell more.

Restaurant and Retail Merchandising

It has been our experience that effective and innovative foodservice and retail merchandising in an operation requires a significant amount of brainstorming and planning. The appropriate blend of your own food products, artefacts, props, display, decorative accessories and great merchandising are all key to the successful creation of the alt desired ambiance. Using outstanding merchandising techniques and concepts, we design and implement an overall foodservice and retail merchandising plan, and work out the proper solution to best suit your company's needs.

Chiasson Consultants assists and educates your employees on how to introduce unique visual food merchandising and presentation techniques, utilizing all kinds of food products such as big healthy original sandwiches, homemade desserts, and display items such as plates, bottles of condiments, etc. We also take your employees through a series of steps that lead to a more attractive foodservice operation and therefore increase your sales.

Restaurant Recipe & Product Development

One of the most important decisions you can make as a foodservice operator concerns the type of food and beverage products that are offered within your operation. Additionally, the image of your operation is generally centre on the types of food that are served, the consistency and quality of each menu item served at different locations, as well as having similar price ranges throughout your operation.

Chiasson Consultants researches, revises and develops each food menu item as well as design unique food presentation; keeping in mind the overall image and style of your operation. We also suggest, develop and implement new recipes and menu items to be offered in your foodservice facility, as well as service style and plating requirements, keeping in consideration the latest food trends and popularity.

Restaurant and Retail Training

Training of personnel is an integral part of any program we undertake. Our training program turns your staff into a strategic, efficient team. Chiasson Consultants trains your managers and employees to independently manage foodservice areas, including food and product selection, presentation, display, merchandising, packaging, pricing, impulse sales and sales techniques, and to use their creativity in helping to maintain the appearance of your facility.

Restaurant and Retail Workshops & Seminars

The training seminars introduce a short overview of the visual foodservice merchandising concept to key executives. This enables you to evaluate how your existing employees can introduce these concepts within your own operations. Key elements include the product selection, presentation, merchandising, packaging, and tips on how employees can use their creativity to help maintain the appearance of the operation.

Employees gain years worth of experience in only days. All of our training materials are based on well-documented research and proven principles of learning. Our focus is on realistic, practical material that you can apply on the job. We concentrate our efforts on the how-to's in the field.

The seminar is a complete presentation with visual aids and a hands-on demonstration by Diane Chiasson. Our approach is to do it rather than talk
about it.

Home Meal Solutions Programs


With the hectic pace of life in today's society, having customers enjoy homemade food at their office or home is time-saving. Chiasson Consultants develops unique names, attractive designs and in-house private label packaging systems geared to strongly extend the brand and ensures product quality and shelf life.

Food Supply Sourcing

Chiasson Consultants researches and sources various suppliers and distributors for individual food supply needs. We ensure that the products chosen best suit your company in terms of quality, cost and services. We work with your company to reduce both food and labour costs by researching the best food suppliers, recommending and finding the best prices for your foodservice needs.

Private Label and Packaging


Your operation's brand-name identity is a constant reminder because it literally acts as an advertising billboard. Consistent graphics, colours and logos reinforce customer awareness of your product line. They should be creatively designed to enhance each department's visual image and underline the operation's brand identity, theme and concept. Chiasson Consultants develops programs that effectively project your unique brand identity.

Point-of-Purchase and Signage Design

Chiasson Consultants advises on an array of related point-of-sales and signage material as well as table tents designed to enhance menu items and add to the ambiance of the dining or retail area. We also make recommendations for large blackboards, chalks, magic markers, erasable pens, clip-on point-of-sales, pins to insert mini signs, easels, stands, mini-signs and mini-blackboards.

Smallwares, Furniture and Equipment Sourcing

Chiasson Consultants researches and sources various suppliers and distributors for smallwares, furniture and equipment. These items must fit the new image of your operation, and must be practical, cost-effective and set a new standard that is well beyond the level of the competition.


Lighting Evaluation and Recommendations

Chiasson Consultants arranges the appropriate reconfiguration of your lighting system to highlight the new detailing and enhance your facility's image.

Appropriate lighting directs your customer’s eye to the products you want to feature. Lighting is a powerful element in making your products look appealing, appetizing, and interesting.

Custom Designed Procedure Manuals


Chiasson Consultants researches, develops and compiles a complete custom designed procedure manual specific to your operation. This manual outlines details of daily standards for business, including sections on corporate philosophy, human resources, operation management, employee conduct, accounting and record keeping, product description and knowledge, internal controls, sanitation and risk management. The manual details the daily procedures and operations of the facility plus an employee guide to the standards that are expected within your operation. A complete series of operational forms completes the manual and gives a guideline to hiring, job responsibility and sanitation checklists. This manual is to be used as a source of reference and as a training tool.